Marketing Part 2

Yesterday we provided 3 low cost but high time ways to get the word out on your new window cleaning company.  Today we are going to share the opposite.  High cost low time involvement for building your business.  Some of these will depend on the cash you have available and the growth of your business.  Most the the time higher cost lower time strategies were ideas we grew into after build a larger recurring customer base and knew we already had a specific amount of revenue coming into our business.

  1. Radio Ads
    1. Radio ads are expensive but you can select your desired target audience.  Once you write the radio ad and hand over the copy to the radio talent, then you can return to running and growing your business while your radio ads continue to run through out your city.  Radio ads can be great for business branding within your local city.  Run your radios ads and after a bit of time when you meet people and tell them what you do they will recall your radio ad.  High quality radio ads have a memorable and catchy line or offer.  They also run for a while to ensure they saturate and had maximum exposure to the desired audience over and over.
  2. Billboards
    1. A well placed billboard can become an everyday item located along the commute of thousands of potential customers.  But once again they are high cost low time marketing ideas to help build your business.  When using a billboard we often recommend using a tracking number so you can see what calls are generated from this billboard.
  3. Hire Staff
    1. Hire a sales person to hustle daily and help build your company.  This will allow you to focus on other elements of building your company.  Just as you may hire other actual cleaners hiring a good sales person will more than pay for itself.  If after 90 days they are not bringing in more revenue than you are paying them then you have the wrong person.  Fire them so they can get another job and so you can find the right person to help build your company.
  4. Pay your team hefty referral bonuses.
    1. In the beginning offer a percentage deal to your team for any cleaning clients they bring to the table.  This way your entire staff is encouraged to land deals and help the company grow.  They will get paid their normal rate plus a cut of the job they brought in.  This lowers profit on projects early in the business but it can help create exponential growth when the entire staff experiences the benefit of cleaning projects coming into the business.


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