Leveraging your Teams Network

Your current staff have contacts who need your cleaning services.  One of the greatest ways to grow your company is to expand your network by incentivizing your current staff.  Way too many local businesses make the mistake in thinking they are already paying their staff . and providing them a job so of course they will bring in referral business.  Most of the time this simply is not true.  We know this because when we started offering our staff a share of the profit or a specific commission on new deals, projects, or customers that they bring in the referrals increased.


Initially our staff was just leveraging their friends and family and having them use our services, but we realized as time went on that our staff was actually selling our services to people they just met in order to get that additional financial incentive.  This can also be a great way to learn if any of your current staff members would make good full time sales reps for your company.  If there is a particular employee that stands out and consistently brings in new business maybe look at having more of their time spent bringing in new customers.

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