Hiring quality staff

Your business is only as good as the people you hire.  If your hire unreliable people then it will be hard to build your business.  I have cut corners on hiring and it has cost me both in the short terms and the long term.  Bad hires create extra stress, generate unhappy customers which lead to negative reviews, and mean you have to repeat the hiring process all over again.  Here we will provide some practical but powerful hiring strategies to support our hiring objectives and allow your business to generate a great reputation in your local community.

  1. Advertise your open positions.
    1. If people do not know you have an open position they will not apply.  It is hard to find quality talent.
  2. Inform your network that you have an open position and to let them now if they have a referral they are willing to recommend.
    1. One powerful way to leverage your professional network is to offer a hiring bonus for anyone who sticks for longer than 90 days.  Tell your network and your current employees that if they send a referral and that person stays for 90 days that you will pay them a referral fee.  A $500 referral fee can help encourage employees to be on the look out for quality talent.  Also when your current employee make a referral they will more than likely recommend their more qualified friends because hey do not want to put their own reputation on the line by suggesting a bad hire.
  3. Leverage Tech platforms to maximize resumes.
    1. Indeed, ZipRecruiter, and Monster are all huge platforms that will distribute your job posting to hundreds and even thousands of candidates.  Many of these platforms ever have initial screening questions that you can use to filter out the initial candidates, so that the ones you meet with are only the highest quality candidates.
  4. Multiple Interviews:
    1. One of the most important suggestions I can make is to interview multiple people.  I cannot tell you how many times I would have hired the first person and missed out on the 4th interview who was a much more qualified candidate.  Keep in mind that the person you hire is going to represent your company directly with your customers.  This person will also have an impact on your overall team culture.  This makes it incredibly important to hire quality candidates.  A great hire can add massive fuel to the fire for your growing company.  But the wrong hire can throw water on the coals and bring your growth to a screeching halt.

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