Getting the word out!!!

Window Cleaning Marketing:

It does not matter how great your business services are if no one knows about them.  When starting a window cleaning company you better be ready to get your hands dirty.  See what we did there.  If you have not learned yet you will.  We love to have fun.  Building a company comes down to who is able to hustle and make things happen.  A well run company will build massive amounts of referrals, but you have to hustle in order to get there.  Todays post we focus on several ideas that relate to starting your marketing and letting people know you are in business.

Not all ideas are equal an not all ideas require the same amount of time or money.  I will start with ideas that are heavy in time but low on cost and I will also share some ideas that are more expensive but leverage the time of other individuals.  A well run marketing plan will rely on various ideas and stages to ensure that different opportunities and maximized.

Low Cost High Time:

  1. Flyers posted all over town:
    1. Print out and copy hundreds of flyers.  Make sure you have a catchy phrase and over deliver on value.  When Marcus first started he cleaned windows for 80% off.  He printed out flyers plastered them all over town and provided a huge discount to first time customers.  It helped quickly get word of mouth out, generated a growing clientele list and generated regular paying referral clients.  Lots of time but little money went into this marketing effort.
  2. Visit Local Businesses
    1. If your planning on doing commercial window cleaning in addition to residential window cleaning then visit your local business district and begin meeting other business owners.  Walk into various store front thats have large street facing windows introduce yourself and leave a flyer with a discount for their first clean.  These commercial clients will become repeat customers much faster than residential customers.  This strategy takes time but cost nothing other than getting over your own fear of rejection.  But hey get used to it.  Building a thriving business takes courage so you may as well get practice early on.
  3. Send Email offers
    1. Email is a super low threshold.  The rejection is either a deleted email or a replied email saying no.  Get your hands on an email list, create a template and you can knock out hundreds or even thousands of emails quickly.  This takes time and has its limitations because many emails are not read so it becomes a numbers game.  I prefer more face to face opportunities or fliers but emails can work as well.

Tomorrow we will tackle three more marketing ideas that flip the script as they are not as time consuming but cost more money.


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