Getting 2nd Money

One of the best things about starting a cleaning company is the ability to get what I like to call SECOND money.  Second money can come in many different ways.  Earlier I talked about launching a window cleaning company.  I could get second money multiple ways.  The first way is to take that one time client and set them up with a discounted maintenance plan.  This can help stabilize my monthly income and provide a fuller calendar.  I teach all of my staff when performing a job to look for additional add ons that they can recommend.  It is important to use discretion and to maintain trust and at the same time provide value driven recommendations.  This can add a 20% increase to any single job.  Turn it into a on going maintenance plan, and you can have a significant impact on the lifetime value of a customer.  That is the first way to create SECOND money.

The next way to create second money is to begin offering supplemental services to your same clients. For example we were already cleaning the windows on a beautiful home with large sliding doors and massive windows.  On multiple occasions the owner asked me for a referral for other cleaners, maids, carpet cleaners, etc.  At the time we were still building our clientele, and I didn’t have a huge network of people to refer to that I trusted.  In that moment I realized I was leaving money on the table.  A solid established referral could provide me a kick back fee.

The best option that we eventually got to was starting our own tile and carpet cleaning company.  The growth of this business took off.  I reached out to existing clients where we had already cleaned their windows and offered a sister company discount.  On day one, I already had a new carpet cleaning crew busy serving our clients.  Instead of settling for a small kick back fee, I was able to leverage more current brand and customer book to easily expand into another cleaning niche for my clients.  I become more valuable for my clients and I saw my revenue per contact go through the roof.

By providing multiple services, both window cleaning and carpet cleaning, it made it easy to stay in contact and reach out to my clients and a regular basis.  My advice today is that if you are running a cleaning company and looking to expand review your business and ask yourself where and how you can began adding second money from your current clientele.  More often that not there is additional value for your clients and revenue for your bank account already sitting right in front of you.

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