Our Team

Hi my name is Julian, and I am glad that you have found our blog.

Our Team is made up of professionals with different areas of experience.  Each team member has a decade plus of experience within their particular field.  What brought us all together was two things:

  1. Our passion for helping people.
  2. More relevant to this blog, our expertise in building businesses that provide various cleaning services.

Our team has experience starting, building, and selling businesses in the following industries:

  • Carpet Cleaning
  • Window Cleaning
  • Gutter Cleaning
  • Gutter Repair
  • Pool Cleaning
  • Lawn Care
  • Maid Services
  • Janitorial

Each one of these niches has a different need and requires professional skill set to succeed.  All of these businesses have low entry points which make them easy and affordable to start, but also highly competitive.  Our team of professionals will write various blogs and provide tips to assist you in building your cleaning business and taking your profits all the way to the bank.

Marcus Smart

Marcus has started, built and sold 3 separate window cleaning companies.  Each time he was able to condense the amount of time before ultimately selling and moving on to the next business.  Marcus provides a depth of experience when it comes to making great hires and how to provide great service in a highly competitive niche where he routinely out performed larger national brands.  Marcus has experience starting window cleaning businesses both in smaller communities less than 50,000 population and in major metro hubs with population in the millions.  His experience and insight is priceless.






Craig Johnson

Ricki started in pool cleaning and then added carpet cleaning to his business operations.  By combining the two he learned he was able to multiply his business dealings.  Ricki has lived in Tampa, Houston, and Chandler.  All three of these cities have warmer climates and many of his carpet cleaning clients asked him for a referral of a great pool cleaner.  Instead of referring people out he decided to start his own company.






Penni Grant

Penni started out in residential maid services and quickly branched out to janitorial and much larger commercial cleaning contracts.  She quickly learned that lager clients paid more, giving her higher margins to hire better employees.  By being able to minimize her turnover of employees and actually rely on dependable cleaners she was able to quickly scale her business.