Launching a Window Cleaning Company

A successful window cleaning company comes down to a couple key areas. They are simple, but don let their simplicity fool you into thinking you can cut corners. Cutting corners will cost you thousands of dollars in the life of your business. It isn’t worth it. Take the time to do things the right way and treat your customers the right way and your business will explode.

The first key to building your window cleaning company is marketing. You have to generate interest in your services. Without marketing it is difficult to get the word out and have people actually calling you for your window cleaning services. When I first started my marketing was good old fashion hustle. I went door to door offering a 50% off service of local retail shops on the streets of New York. If they said yes, I made should to provide them with the best window cleaning job they had ever received.

This leads me into my second key for building a window cleaning company. Over deliver. In the beginning, I charged my clients half of what I wanted my on going fee’s to be but I provided them double the service. I would clean extra areas or extra parts of the window even if they didn’t ask me. I wanted my customers to feel like the significantly under paid me. This would cause them to call me back and it led to a bunch of referrals.

The more you focus in on the second key of providing great service the more your customers will do all the marketing for you.

My third key is to reinvest your profits back into your business. When I first started I barely had the tools needed to perform a window cleaning job. I had no ladder, an old squeegee and rags to dry with. But as money started coming into my business I reinvested into better tools that would make more more productive, with better results, and open up new opportunities for business like taller building and ultimately high rises.

You can start a window cleaning company with very little money down, but don’t allow that to limit the bigger vision you have for building your company.

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